Dozens of Boys' Bodies Discovered Buried at Florida School of Horrors

Anthropologists have exhumed 55 bodies at the site of the former Florida School for Boys, the Tampa Bay Times' Ben Montgomery reported yesterday. That's 24 more bodies than the state initially suspected. The reform school, which went by many names during its 111-year existence, was notorious for its egregious… »1/29/14 12:24pm1/29/14 12:24pm

The First Interview that Calls Rap Genius Out on Their Bullshit

Rap Genius is a terrifically helpful website with the misfortune of being run by evasive wackball Yale dudes. Interviews with the crew rarely go beyond goofing around and bizarre outbursts—which is why this very un-TechCrunch podcast Q&A, that doesn't allow horse-shitting answers, is so nice to hear. »1/15/14 1:00pm1/15/14 1:00pm